Make the Most of Your One Link in Bio

instagram bio link

Most of the social networks allow their users to have only one link in their profile, unfortunately this option can be limiting for many people.

Today, have a Link in Bio is the best option for influencers and any users who want to promote their products, service, collect donations, collected leads or just a have a simple link and promote multiple products with the power of the affiliate marketing and earn more money with other people products.

Is why Shorty is a simple, smart Bio Link platform that helps you to thrive your social media and drive traffic to your services, products and website!

The main features of Shorty are:

  • Build Bio Link Pages
  • URL Shortener
  • Schedule your links
  • Pixel your links
  • Build QR Codes
  • Collect Emails
  • Receive Donations
  • Sell Products

Also, If you have website or your don’t have it, Shorty can be the solution for your social media accounts, you can build a mobile-friendly landing page for free or just for a cup of coffee. 

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